giraffes are quite tall

i don't see them at the mall

they should play football

sharing our inheritance

chalkboard of knowledge

written on and then erased

again and again

four hours later

I don't want to code

on an Android app right now

I want to haiku


They think I know ev

rything. Little do they know

that I know nothing.

dragonfly, parts 1 and 2

A dragonfly, sit-

-ting on a branch by itself.

It's a lot like me.

A dragonfly sits

by itself on a branch. It's

so different than me.

Dr. Storm

Ah, Dr. Storm, how

I've missed thee and thy Dr.

Peppery flavor.

shower poetry

at first it felt weird

using shampoo in my beard

but then it smelt nice

christmas 2012

one present: a game

you roll the sixty word dice

and make a haiku

empty campus

my college (Marquette)

is really empty right now.

This is a haiku.


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