Welcome to the webpage of Paul's favorite TED talks!

I enjoy inspiring talks. I like it when something challenges my beliefs or way of thinking. That's how I grow.

Probably my all-time favorite TED talk is Give a TED talk Everywhere you Go.

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Title Author Time
How to get young people to vote Edwards, Rick 13.5 minutes
My invention that made peace with lions Turere, Richard 7.5 minutes
The surprising need for strangeness Bezaitis, Maria 8 minutes
Poverty, money -- and love (on microlending/Kiva.org) Jackley, Jessica 18:34
The art of misdirection Robbins, Apollo 8:47
Why stay in Chernobyl? Because it's home Morris, Holly 9 minutes
Coming out of your closet Beckham, Ash 11 minutes
The magic of Fibonacci numbers Benjamin, Arthur 6.5 minutes
Give a TED talk Everywhere you Go Teteak, Jason 19.5 minutes
Einstein the Parrot: A talking, squawking parrot White, Stephanie 5:52
How to truly listen Glennie, Evelyn 32:12
The power of introverts Cain, Susan 19:04
How I hacked online dating Webb, Amy 17:27
The brain in love Fisher, Helen 15:53
Pedagogy of Privilege Ford, Justin 13:49
What's wrong with TED talks? Bratton, Benjamin 11 minutes
My philosophy for a happy life? Berns, Sam 12:45
Hey Doc, some boys are born girls Moss, Decker 17 minutes
I think we all need a pep talk Kid President 3:28
The Infinite Hotel Paradox Dekofsky, Jeff 6 minutes
Cognitive dissonance Donaldson, Ash 19:17
My year reading a book from every country in the world Morgan, Ann 12:03
Belonging in technology: what I learned from Steve Jobs Williams, Andrew B. 19:06
How I found a mythical boiling river in the Amazon Ruzo, Andrés 15:49
I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned Paula Stone Williams 15:24

Check back more for later! Perhaps I will add my ever-growing "to watch" list...